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General marketing communications

The whole shebang when it comes to English copywriting.

Internal communications: It's one of the most difficult things to show , because - duh! - it's generally for internal use only. Company magazines and newsletters. Intranet articles. Strategic stories. Stuff like that. Plus hundreds if not thousands of intranet stories and articles for Philips, SPG Prints, NXP, DSM, Caterpillar, Intervet, Bosch security systems, Amaseu, TMC, Teva...

Speeches:  I've written speeches for CEOs and senior marketing managers at one of the world's largest multinationals. Normally they don't want the world to know that someone else is (partly) responsible for what they say in public, so I can't really be any more specific about who I work for!

Campaigns: I'm often called on to work on complete communications campaigns, in many cases helping define and then generate the content for a whole range of items to support a product launch, an important event or something similar.

I've done this many times for Philips, Bosch, SPG Prints and other clients. Invariably I'll be involved in determining the overall theme and then doing stuff that includes anything from interviewing customers and writing films scripts to coming up with the text for websites, brochures, advertisements... you name it.

Here are a couple of links to a movie and a book that were part of a campaign for Philips Lighting.

Press releases and trade publication articles: I’ll be honest; I was a bit stuck about what to write here. The same applies to this as to almost every other section; I’ve really got loads of experience. Over the last 19 years or so I’ve written millions of press releases and articles for trade publications and websites.

And as for dredging up examples - come on. The sun is shining and it’s Friday afternoon. So you’ll just have to take my word for it. I know what I’m doing. I get the whole thing; appropriate tone of voice, appealing to specific target audiences, creating an engaging flow of content, striking a balance between intriguing and informing…