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UEFA Youth League finals in Geneva

With AZ reaching the last four of the 2022/23 UEFA Youth League, I went down to Geneva to cover the semi-final and final, plus interview a number of the AZ players before and after the matches.

I really enjoyed doing studio interviews with Ernest Poku and Mexx Meerdink (plus trophy) after they won the final 5-0. I’ve been at eight finals/tournaments covering Dutch clubs or the international team, but this was the first time my lot had won.

Oh yeah, and I got to lift the same European Cup as Billy McNeill did 56 years ago.


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Video and website for a truly innovative visualisation technique

May saw the culmination of a lot of work on my part to develop a video script plus the text for a website to help explain a new – genuinely groundbreaking – Philips visualisation technology for use in operating theatres. This technology can revolutionise the way vascular surgeons carry out minimally-invasive procedures. The content should go live in the autumn.


Back in the picture at Bex* and ASML

Bex* – who evidently still had my name on file after a gap of approximately 20 years – asked me to take over and complete a couple of articles related to intellectual property at ASML. Takes me back; ASML was one of the first clients I worked for after going freelance in 2001. And now I’m on board once again…

Scottish word of the moment

Mick: Scotland has its own rhyming slang. There are three things that make it unique. The first is local cultural references (so we would say: what’s the Hampden? Because Hampden is short for Hampden roar, which rhymes with score). The second is pronunciation. If someone is a bit hard of hearing you say they are corned beef, because that rhymes with how we often pronounce deaf (the same vowel sounds as thief). Mick is short for Mick Jagger, and thus lager - but only if you say it in a Scottish accent. The third aspect is the use of Scottish phrases. So going for a single doesn’t mean trying to find a partner, it means having a pee. Single is short for single fish (which is a fish without chips), and that rhymes with pish, our elegant way of describing a number 1.

Among other things

I do a lot more than just writing. For example, I present (my own stories) at conferences, like the World Usability Congress in Graz. 

Word Crimes

Why is decent writing important? 'Word Crimes' reveals all...