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I'm frequently asked to visit the customers of companies I work for to interview people and write stories/make movies.

Here's an example; for Philips Lighting I was heavily involved in a project to commemorate 10 years use of a specific kind of lamp (MASTERColour if you must know) in fashion retail shops. I visited - generally with a photographer, a cameraman and the client - London, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Gothenberg, Berlin, Mannheim, the Hague and Hamburg.

I spoke to people from some of the biggest high street names around; Lacoste, Prenatal, Louis Vuitton, Galeries Lafayette. I also interviewed architects, visual merchandisers, designers, facility managers and lighting specialists.

The result was a 100-page book, a film, and an amazing amount of positive reactions. We also had an absolute blast making it; the other guys involved - Serge and Twan you old dogs - were great to work with and good company over a Cuba Libre or two in various bars and clubs throughout Europe.