05/2019 Philips madness

A mental month. Had to finish off loads of projects of Philips before taking an enforced three-month sabbatical (Completely unnecessary, although those three months are June, July and August, so it could be worse).

I was therefore writing loads of video scripts, putting together case study stories on how modularity helps improve efficiency in manufacturing, finalising a booklet about Philips Design, working on presentations for the Experience Lab at the High-Tech Campus (pictured)…

05/2019 Champions League disaster

For UEFA.com I’ve been, as usual, following the progress of Dutch clubs – as well as the national team – in European competition. This season’s journey by Ajax to the semi-finals of the Champions League is the most epic I’ve encountered so far.

And, I have to say, the most heart-breaking. Being denied a place in the final by a goal in the dying seconds was horrendous. No Madrid for them, or me.