Interviewing Dutch stars

In February and March 2020, right before Corona lockdowns kicked in, I travelled to Barcelona, Liverpool and Turin to interview Frenkie de Jong, Georginio Wijnaldum and Matthijs de Ligt for UEFA. Find out how it went.

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09 & 10/2019

Pitching coaching on three continents

I helped give a series of workshops in Shanghai, Eindhoven and Boston at the end of 2019. My role was to coach the participants in story building and pitching. Find out more


Philips workshops

I participated in a number of creative workshops for Philips, in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, aimed at determining how two separate businesses should position themselves. My main task in these sessions is to come up with and then refine the core values that the businesses will be built around.

I took a picture of one of the sessions in Amsterdam, but I realised some of the content may be a little sensitive, so instead you can enjoy a picture of my pal Rab posing at the Dutch Design Week.


Amaseu journey to Morocco

Amaseu journeys in Morocco are always brilliant, but this time in particular it was really something special.

Maybe it was the clarity of light and lack of heat because it was November, or the enthusiastic group of participants, or meeting up with our local team again (one of whom showed me how to open a bottle of sparkling water with his eye)…

Whatever the reason, I’d say this was the best Morocco journey to date for me (number six I believe). This is the reason I am there by the way.

Scottish word of the moment

How. Not a particularly Scottish word you may think, which is true, although it is used in Scotland in a way that I haven’t come across anywhere else: instead of why. So when someone says I’m going home now, it’s quite common for someone else to reply How? The correct answer is not By bike or On foot, but rather Because I’m knackered. Similarly, the question How no? actually means 'why not?' Why we don’t just say Why not? is beyond me, but I guess it’s yet another reason why we are such a wonderful bunch of people. 

Among other things

I do a lot more than just writing. For example, I interview many of the world's top footballers (and a few duffers as well, when I think about it) in the Netherlands and beyond.

Word Crimes

Why is decent writing important? 'Word Crimes' reveals all...!