Women’s EUROs 2022

As the Dutch team reporter for UEFA.com, I spent 20 days in Manchester, Sheffield, Rotherham and Leigh during the Women’s EUROs 2022.

 During that time I did exclusive, sit-down interviews with approximately a dozen players, covered all four of the Oranje Leeuwinnen’s matches, did pre- and post-match interviews every time with coach and players, and also wrote a number of feature articles for the website.

Possibly the most enjoyable tournament I’ve covered so far. Looking forward to next year’s World Cup in Australia & New Zealand (assuming I can find a suitable assignment 😊)


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Keynote speaker at the Berlin Webinale

I gave my presentation on experiential storytelling to an audience at the Webinale in Berlin. For the first time in my (blossoming?) career as a congress speaker, I gave one of the keynote speeches, which meant I opened the whole programme on the second day. Quite an honour, even if I say so myself.


Conference League final in Tirana

I reported on Feyenoord throughout the knockout stages of the UEFA Europa Conference League, which culminated in a visit to Tirana for the final against AS Roma. Shame about the result, but what a fantastic city. And great to get to know the likes of Sam Honeyman and Vieri Capretta, as well as to run into lots of familiar faces.

Scottish word of the moment

Skoosh: something that's easy or requires little effort. [The maths exam was a skoosh]. Can also be used as a verb [we're going to skoosh your lot on Saturday].

Among other things

I do a lot more than just writing. For example, I present (my own stories) at conferences, like the World Usability Congress in Graz. 

Word Crimes

Why is decent writing important? 'Word Crimes' reveals all...