As you'll see elsewhere on this website, I do a huge variety of writing. I'm also carrying out more and more on-camera stuff.

amsterdam_wshopSomething else I'm often asked to do is participate in strategy definition projects. This generally happens together with a team which has been assembled to advise a client about a particular direction for a product, service or communication messaging. Often a multi-day workshop will be part of the process. 

Sometimes I'm there as what has been described as 'wordsmith'; to take input and ideas generated by others and craft them into a coherent and presentable form. Other times I'm one of the ones coming up with the ideas. And often I have both roles.

I've done this primarily for various businesses and groups within the Philips organisation, even up to the highest level; at the beginning of 2012 I was the sole writer asked to join a working group for developing a new mission and vision statement for Philips. Quite an honour.

But naturally I've also been involved in strategic messaging and thinking for other companies as well.

Maybe this all sounds a bit vague, my apologies if it does, but unfortunately the nature of the work means that I can rarely be very specific about what I actually did for which client.

You'll just have to take my word for it!