I can speak fluent Dutch, and therefore also do a fair bit of translating from Dutch into English.
The thing about translation is that the subject matter can be virtually anything; from a review of a U2 concert to stories about waste treatment plants to descriptions of training programmes for high potentials.
Of course, there are plenty of people offering translation services, especially through Internet. If you're looking for the cheapest possible solution, you're probably best not asking me. 
I like to think of what I do as 'value-added' translation. I'll often re-write text if I don't think the original is clear enough or properly structured. People who offer the lowest cost per word generally don't. This approach may take slightly longer, but I think you'll see the difference in the end result.
I've done translations for Philips, Stork prints, Rabobank, Ordina, UEFA, DCE Consultants, Formula Air, A Brand New Day, CooperVision and loads of other companies.