Internal communications

A fairly high proportion of the work I do is internal communications.

It's therefore a shame that it's one of the most difficult things to show on this website, because - duh! - it's generally for internal use only. Company magazines and newsletters. Intranet articles. Strategic stories. Stuff like that.

Still, here's an attempt to at least give you an idea of what I'd been doing, without revealing too much of the content:

Interviewing and writing for every single issue of the Philips Consumer Electronics FWD magazine

Doing the same for the wonderful - and sadly now exclusively digital - Philips Design's New Value

And for ASML

And Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Plus hundreds if not thousands of intranet stories and articles for Philips, Stork, NXP, DSM, Caterpillar, Intervet, Bosch security systems, Assembléon...