Film scripts

I've written scripts for more than 200 short films, on subjects ranging from giant video screens, employee ethics and solar-powered floodlighting to high-performance resins, the challenges facing the airline industry, leadership development journeys and veterinary pharmaceuticals. 
Usually I'm first asked to come up with a storyline (either alone or together with other creatives) which is used as a basis for the film. I then write the text used in the voiceover and which will also appear on-screen.






 Above you can see:

- An overview movie of amaseu journeys. I wrote the script and also did the filming in Thailand.
- Just one example of 40 or so pieces to camera written on the spot and then recorded at the IFA in Berlin.
- An explanation of new innovations (2015) in lighting design.

Here are a couple of others:

A short film about a revolutionary technique for getting clean drinking water from impure and contaminated sources.(click on the link on the home page)

Introduction movie for MasterColour Elite lamps. Wrote the script and also carried out interviews through Europe.