For years I've been a regular contributor to Philips Design's 'New Value' newsletter. This used to be printed quarterly but, like so many similar publications, now only appears on-line, although it does come out monthly. Here are two of the many stories I've written;
amerongenBringing the past to life



muziekcentrumHitting the right note at at the Eindhoven Music Centre



And here are some stories I wrote for the IT consultancy company DCE Enterprise, visiting London, Paris and Bonn respectively. In Bonn I did the photography myself, in London it was done by the infinitely more capable Robert Lawler.
I've also written consistently for years for many internal publications, but unfortunately because they're internal I can't really show any examples here. Clients include Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Research, Philips Healthcare, DSM, Philips Lighting, Rabobank...