04/2019 A clear narrative

Spent a considerable amount of time this month working together with a former clinical doctor who is now at Philips. He wanted me to write a narrative (a foundation story) for a complex data language system Philips offers hospitals.

Our (my) challenge was to describe this thing without using any of the dense and unintelligible jargon you frequently encounter in similar publications (e.g. ‘a future-proof, open-standards-based interoperability software solution for informatics which enables data integration across the enterprise,’ or other such gibberish).

I think we succeeded. We came up with analogies ranging from plumbing systems in a house to toolboxes to help describe what was going on.

Don’t normally put comments on this website, but for these ones I’ll make an exception. “Have you read the story? Dude! It’s excellent." “Describes both the essence and scope.” “Love the analogies.” “I think we really have something here.” “It’s unlike any other Philips paper I have ever read.”