02/2019 Portuguese writing retreat

I’ve been working together with Erik-Jan of Amaseu for almost a year to help him finalise a book that has been 10 years in the making. With a working title of ‘The Seven Elixirs of a Great Life’, the book is full of personal anecdotes as well as advice about how you can get the best out of yourself.

Anyway, we decided that, to get the thing as close to the finishing line as possible, we should shut ourselves off somewhere for a week and do nothing else other than work on a book. Well, at least, that was my task; he spent more or less every day playing golf. (Not difficult to see who the smart one is here). Although, in fairness, we did spend loads of time in the mornings and evenings discussing content.

The destination was the Algarve, and although I passed the majority of every day rewriting and reshaping approximately 180 pages of text, I did manage to mountain bike to the coast most afternoons to have lunch in the bright Portuguese sunshine on virtually deserted beaches. The plan is to have the book published soon, and definitely this year.