03/2019 Customer story in Dutch hospital

Did a customer story on a hospital in the Dutch town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch which has commissioned additional Philips Ambient Experience installations in its radiography rooms.

Interviewed a handful of people, including radiology technicians, nurses, a department head and cluster manager about what they thought the benefits were. From that input I’ll write new text for the web page as well as a longer customer story.

02/2019 Portuguese writing retreat

I’ve been working together with Erik-Jan of Amaseu for almost a year to help him finalise a book that has been 10 years in the making. With a working title of ‘The Seven Elixirs of a Great Life’, the book is full of personal anecdotes as well as advice about how you can get the best out of yourself. Anyway, we decided that, to get the thing as close to the finishing line as possible, we should shut ourselves off somewhere for a week and do nothing else other than work on a book. Well, at least, that was my task; he spent more or less every day playing golf. (Not difficult to see who the smart one is here). Although, in fairness, we did spend loads of time in the mornings and evenings discussing content. The destination was the Algarve, and although I passed the majority of every day rewriting and reshaping approximately 180 pages of text, I did manage to mountain bike to the coast most afternoons to have lunch in the bright Portuguese sunshine on virtually deserted beaches. The plan is to have the book published soon, and definitely this year.

01/2019 HealthSuite narrative

I was the writer in an international and multi-disciplinary team developing a narrative around the Philips HealthSuite platforms. I have to confess that after taking part in the initial briefing telco I was thinking: WTF??? But the team was full of helpful and very enthusiastic people, who enabled me to understand the extremely complex subject matter. In the end I/we came up with a pretty easily-accessible story. It was presented at the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Florida, and evidently went down a storm...

01/2019 Morocco journey

Journey to Morocco with 20-odd executives from Laird. Smallest group I’ve ever done on an Amaseu journey; took a bit of getting used to that they would be ready to move from one location to the next in a matter of seconds. With much larger groups that’s – to put it politely – not always the case. Morocco is such a magnificent setting for the Amaseu personal and leadership transformation process, and especially at this time of the year. The nights were cold, especially when camping in the mountains, and the daytime air was wonderfully clear. The journey kicked off in Prague.

12/2018 positioning workshop in Barcelona

Helped give a two-day positioning workshop to Indiba at their headquarters just outside Barcelona. Did it together with brand strategist Natascha Seeger (I'm assuming she's too busy to get her website up and running) and designer Martin Bacon (who obviously isn't). The workshop outcomes should give the company a better idea of how to how to proceed in the market for high-frequency equipment that accelerates the healing of sport injuries and also helps with skin rejuvenation.

11/2018 Another Messi interview

Been covering some outstanding matches for UEFA: the Netherlands v Germany in Amsterdam, PSV v Spurs, the Dutch skelping the world champions in Rotterdam, and a truly mental 3-3 draw between Ajax and Bayern Munich. But the best moment of all has to be getting the opportunity to interview Leo Messi again after PSV v Barcelona. It’s five years since I was lucky enough to speak to him the first time, and it’s pretty clear that my Spanish hasn’t improved much in that time.

10/2018 Dutch Design Week

For the Dutch Design Week – the largest design event in northern Europe – I wrote and edited the text for the book that is published every year after the event. This involved, among other things, interviewing Martijn Paulen, director of the Dutch Design Foundation.

I also put together a number of route descriptions explaining to visitors what they could see at various locations throughout Eindhoven.

08/2018 MRI White Paper

Been writing a White Paper about how to reduce patient anxiety during MRI scans. Evidently many clinicians are not aware of relatively simple measures which can be taken to counter feelings of fear and claustrophobia that patients experience. Aye well, now they've no excuse. 

07/2018 Freelancer recruitment for Philips

Writing a mini-campaign to encourage freelancers to work at Philips has one massive similarity with the story I’m doing about Eindhoven’s suitability for expats; in both cases I am part of the target audience. So, in addition to the information supplied during the briefing, I get to put in a lot of my own input about what makes Philips attractive/unattractive for the self-employed. Is this the place to moan about the long-winded, bureaucratic procedures to register with the agencies who function as middlemen between the company and folk like me? Probably not!

06/2018 Eindhoven - place to be

For Eindhoven365 I’ll be doing a fairly in-depth piece about why top talent from all over the world is coming to Eindhoven. The place is booming! For this I have to interview students, career starters and folk who have settled with their families, from places as diverse as Mexico, Germany, Spain and Bangladesh. My adopted city is already getting a lot of attention in the international press, including this article which says that it’s the best destination for expats in all of Europe. Oh yeah...

05/2018 Dutch Design Week

We’d been eyeing each other up for some time, like coy singles at the Thursday evening disco. And now we’ve taken the plunge - I’m finally going to be working for the Dutch Design Week. First task was to review and critique the book they published after DDW2017. A lovely wee job that; picking holes in other people’s work making suggestions so this year’s book can be of an even higher quality.

04/2018 Three journeys in a row

One journey is usually pretty draining, two consecutive ones is a big ask. So three in a row? Piece of cake…

In the space of three weeks I accompanied two amaseu journeys in Morocco and then a third one in Catalunya. Each for a different company. Had two days in Las Palmas between the first and the second, and only one day in Barcelona between the second and third. Went remarkably well; energy levels were no problem and I didn’t run out of ink.

In total we took well over 200 people through the process of personal and leadership development. Three books to write now – so please leave me in peace in May.