I'm a Scottish copywriter, football journalist and presenter who lives in the Netherlands.

I went freelance at the beginning of 2001, after having worked at two different marketing communications agencies (Howard Design and Ten International).

Over the last 16 years I've been lucky enough to travel widely for many different
projects and clients, as well as get involved in some brilliant and
very inspirational

I've interviewed and written about leading figures in major multinationals, as well as many of the top footballers and coaches in the world (Cruyff, Messi...). I've presented at exhibitions in Europe and America. Become 'the guy on camera' for various businesses within Philips. Travelled all over the world as writer and interviewer on leadership journeys. Written loads of books. But the time spent talking to a street doctor who's given decades of his life to helping the underprivileged in Calcutta probably tops the lot.

I first came to the Netherlands in 1985. I've lived there ever since, except for a
two-year period during which I travelled throughout Asia and busked/taught English
in Taipei. In addition to being a writer/journalist I'm a musician, traveller, climber,
footballer and father.